Our first 1 acre Community Garden!

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 Zion Church

Zion Church

Part of our mission is to teach low income families how to grow their own organic produce. In May of 2015 we were given access to this garden. It had 8 traditional beds. We had 4 families participate. In 2016 we were given access to 4 beds at Trinity United Church of Christ, see picture below.

We converted our first garden to raised beds, picture above, and were able to add 3 more raised beds.

As I write this  we  have an boy scout working  on converting the Trinity garden to raised beds. There will be 6 that  will be 24 inches instead of 12 making it easier for anyone with health issues to plant. These beds will have a cap on them allowing someone to garden while they sit!

trinity garden.jpg

This will be our second  year for planting Eda Munch Community Food Pantries Garden. They have volunteers that water and maintain the garden during the season. All the produce from the garden is distributed through the food pantry.

This year we will be planting another garden for a nonprofit in the area that helps women get out of sex trafficking. We will be educating the staff and the women on how to maintain their garden. They will use what they grow to make healthy nutritious meals for the residents and staff.