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Garden of Health Inc. is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit food bank covering Montgomery and Bucks County, PA. We provide allergen friendly food and fresh produce to over 10 food pantries.

Our mission is to provide special dietary foods (gluten free, heart healthy, diabetic friendly, foods free of one or more of the top 8 allergens) and fresh produce to low-income families. We do this by distributing this type of food to 10 food pantries. We also distribute the fresh produce to low-income senior housing and senior centers that provide lunch for seniors during the week.

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Garden of Health got its start in 2015 as we saw the need for special dietary foods and fresh produce in food pantries. We started with one food pantry and one garden with 8 plots in it and a partnership with a wholesale produce distributor.

Did you know that a minimum of 25% of the nations population has special dietary needs?

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"Your wealth should not dictate your health!"

— Carol bauer, founder

Fresh Produce For All!

We feel everyone should have access to healthy fresh produce! We pick up from a wholesale distributor and a few local farms. Last year we distributed  30,000+ pounds of produce. Our produce is not only distributed to food pantries but also to low-income senior housing authorities giving  seniors access. Fresh produce should not be seen as a luxury! Our bodies need the nutrition it provides to stay healthy and fit. 

Mangoes and strawberries from Country Fresh!

Mangoes and strawberries from Country Fresh!


Our Gardens

We wanted a program where people could use what they learn to help themselves. Our gardening program does just that. Families from the local food pantry can sign up to learn how to grow their own organic  produce. Each person is give a plot to grow, plants and seeds. We teach them everything they need to be successful in growing their own food. We are available during the growing season if they have questions and need help with anything. They get to keep everything they grow. We went from 4 families participating in 2015 to 21 this year and a waiting list if anyone drops out.

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Our goal is to become a national organization one location at a time. Everyone who needs help from food pantries should be able to find food everyone in their family can eat. Every one should have access to fresh produce for their health! 


Get Involved

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