Our Mission

Our mission is to provide special dietary foods (gluten free, heart healthy, diabetic friendly, foods free of one or more of the top 8 allergens) and fresh produce to low-income families. We do this by distributing this type of food to 10 food pantries. We also distribute the fresh produce to low-income senior housing and senior centers that provide lunch for seniors during the week.

These foods are not donated to most pantries on a regular basis but there is a need for them! That is where we come in. We work with food pantries to keep these foods stocked. When we start working with a pantry we help educate them on the need for this type of food and what qualifies as special dietary food. We go through their current donations and pull out everything they have that qualifies. This gives the staff and volunteers ideas of what qualifies. We then help keep these shelves stocked through donations of food  we get or using funds to go out and purchase what they need.

Each pantry's needs are different, some need all the different types of foods, other need more of one type over the others. For example on of the food pantries we work with gives out 70 diabetic bags a month. These bags are filled with appropriate food for diabetics. This pantry gets a great amount of gluten free donations from the grocery store partners so they don't need as much of that type of food.